This Winter on MNN: It’s the Season of Giving

Winter is almost here and our gift to you this holiday season is brand new programming! Starting December 17, over 20 shows will make their debut on our channels covering everything from health and wellness to entertainment, business and politics.

Check out our list for the full lineup and mark your calendars!



The Advocate’s Corner with Clark Peña - Every Friday at 8:30pm

Interview program in which we interview decision makers and public figures.




The Margo Grant Show - Every Monday at 6pm

Weekly TV series featuring head to head conversation about art, music, poetry, dance and issues relating to current events that may impact these subjects. The demographics can be diverse depending on the episode but mostly involving the arts.


CNN Tomorrow - Every Monday at 11pm

A surreal look at current events.


Hey, Nothing - Bi-Monthly on Tuesdays at 9:30pm

A live character show.


Sex-ED102TVR Talk Show - Every Wednesday at 9:30am

A new captivating talk show that shares insight surrounding the important issues of sexual health care,  love, sex, and relationships. The fun daytime talk show features expert therapists, counselors, doctors and sexologists covering sexual health care issues and more. Plus tips on romance, marriage, cooking, travel and so much more. 


The Moopy Show - Every Wednesday at 1:30pm

30 minute entertainment talk show with exclusive interviews.


Ledge Inc. Variety Show - Every Wednesday at 9:30pm

Features various different artists and genres through performances, short films and interviews.


MoTVFlix - Every Thursday at 1:30am

A trendy motivational and inspirational talk show to discuss community and world issues.


Conversation PACE - Every Friday at 10:30am

A show where runners of all levels will get running tips from New York's City's top running experts. From the new runner to the aspiring Olympian, we have it all.


Simplee Style - Every Saturday at 10:30am

A fashion lifestyle program, offering fashion, beauty and style tips.



Today's Word - Every Friday at 9:30am

A Christian based inspirational talk show designed to inspire, educate and draw its listeners close to their Creator.


Hood Fellaz - Every Sunday at 12am

Two "Melanated Completed" conscience native New Yorkers, also considered to be Urban Legends within the five boroughs of New York City; offer commentary on economic and social issues.

The Choir Loft - Monthly on Sundays at 2:30pm

The life and times of the singer, musician believer in the black church.


Tu Poder Mental - Monthly on Sundays at 2:30pm

Aquí podrás conocer todo lo que tu puedes lograr a

través de tu mente y lo que decretas con tus palabras.




LFM T.V. - Bi-Monthly on Wednesdays at 5pm

A show that promotes the Latinos that work behind and in front of the lens.


Tal Como Eres - Every Saturday at 7pm

Es un programas variado para emprendedores y visionarios. Cada programa tendrá un personaje invitado que se expresara, tal como eres. El enfoque del programa is presentar a las personas que tienen un talento que exponga al público ese talento. Además habrá una sección de belleza consejos de belleza.


Now We Rise: Quest to Self-Determination! - Bi-Monthly on Sundays at 2pm

Educate, inform, entertain and liberate the people.


Black Twitta is Real Show - Monthly on Sundays at 11pm

Talk show about black pop culture.




Marketplace Mogul - Bi-Monthly on Fridays at 11:30pm

A local television series geared towards the successes of small businesses looking to forge their way in New York City.  Each episode provides insight on a specific sales channel and offers expert advice from not only a seasoned entrepreneur, but also an expert in that particular field.


Tiempo perfecto - Bi-Monthly on Thursdays at 9pm

Programa variado los temas que incluyen son sociales, de superación, de investigación, histórico, político, temas de índole humano y también espiritual a modo siempre de investigación que incluirá reportajes y entrevistas muchas veces con un tema central en el que girara el desarrollo del programa, somos una ventana periodística para que el televidente cada semana tenga una opción.