This Week on MNN: The Spice of Life

We’re packed with new shows and old favorites this week on MNN, and between arts and entertainment and educational programming, we’re sure to have a favorite pick for even the fussiest of programming palates, with episodes of “The Facts,” “You People,” “Mel Berkowitz Presents,” “Gotta Run with Will,” ”Art Tour International,” “The Carmen Mathis Show,” “Pathways to the Dream Lodge Café,” “What’s Ailing/Healing US America,” and weeknight programming from the Youth Channel.


“The Facts:  The Fix is In Part 5”

Tuesday, June 20, 11:30 pm


Each episode of “The Facts” is either a music-story (using composed and improvised music and story), or a rehearsal for a music-story, or a discussion between scholars and experts. Watch this week’s music-story about romance and office politics. With Lenore Von Stein, narrator and singer; Andrew Bolotowsky, flute; Beth Griffith, singer; and Bern Nix, guitar.

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“You People”

Wednesday, June 21, 10:00 pm


After a long hiatus, “You People” is back! This week’s show features a cavalcade of big stars and special celebrity cameos.  Plus the show premiere a can’t miss new segment, "America's Funniest Hate Videos.”

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“You People on the Web”


“Gotta Run with Will”

Thursday, June 22, 9:30 pm


Sergio arrived in Queens as a seven-year-old immigrant from Bolivia, South America. Bullied because of being overweight and not knowing the language, Sergio used his wits to make friends that helped him to overcome his fears. Today, Sergio is helping others “to bring out the elite in themselves.”


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“Mel Berkowitz Presents”

Thursday, June 22, 10:30 am


Tune in to “Mel Berkowitz Presents” for a lecture on genetic mutations.


“Art Tour International”

Thursday, June 22, 5:30 pm


Tune in to the first episode of “Art Tour International” for an exclusive interview with New York artist Leroi Johnson as he discusses his African-inspired works; then travel virtually around the globe and hear from other artists as they present their pieces; and learn about the art and cultural scene in Ferrara, Italy.

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“The Carmen Mathis Show”

Friday, June 23, 8:00 pm


A popular hit in 2012, Sturk (James Sturkey) returns and sings some favorite songs, including "Neither One of Us" and "Me and Mrs. Jones" and chats with Carmen Mathis on this week’s episode.

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“The Carmen Mathis Show” on the web


“Pathways to the Dream Lodge Café”

Friday, June 23, 8:30 pm


Native (Indigenous) Powwow dancing and the reading of  poetry occurs at powwows held from April through October on the East Coast and other states year round where it's warmer. Watch coverage from native powwow festivals, and learn about the Shinnecock Indian Reservation in Southampton, NY.


“What’s Ailing/Healing US America?”

Friday, June 23, 9:30 pm


As music is healing, Frank Craven plays guitar and sings original songs.

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“What’s Ailing/Healing US America?” on the web


Active Aging Stories

Sunday, June 25, 6:30 pm


Troubled by tweets? Stumped by Skype? Navigating the world of instant messaging and computer wisdom, can sometimes leave seniors far behind. On Active Aging Stories next week..the entire half hour will be devoted to efforts to bring older citizens into the digital age. We will see how bringing together older people with techno-savvy young people have positive benefits for all concerned.


Youth Channel Programming

As Pride Month continues, so does our LGBTQ-focused programming on the Youth Channel. Next week, see more shows about LGBTQ youth who have had to overcome challenges just to be who they really are.

Watch “We are Here,” “LGBT Homeless Youth” and “Say Her Name” for stories about LGBTQ youth fighting for justice; watch “Bridging the Gap,” “ My Enigma,” and “We’re Okay” for personal stories from LGBTQ youth; and finish off the week with an episode of “NightCap.”


The Youth Channel airs programming every weeknight from 6-7pm on MNN 4 (FiOS 36, RCN 85, TWC 67 & 1998). To learn about MNN’s Youth Media Center and the work they produce, click here.