This Week on MNN: Slow it Down

October is beginning to wind down and before you know it, the holiday frenzy will begin. When life gets hectic and you need to take a breather, turn on MNN for programming that will inspire and entertain.

This week, watch new episodes of "The Heroines' Circle," “Gotta Run With Will,” “The Carmen Mathis Show,” “Something to Offer,” and “The People’s Forum.

Read on for more information about each episode:


"The Heroines' Circle"

Wednesday, October 24, 4:30 pm


Check out the debut episode of "The Heroines' Circle" featuring female leaders from the publishing industry. This week's interviews include Anna Levy-Lyons and Susanne Davis.


“Gotta Run With Will”

Thursday, October 25, 9:30 pm


Guest host Dail St Clair interviews Peter Schreiner, who came in first in the inaugural 5th Avenue mile for Bionic Athletes.


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“Gotta Run With Will” on Facebook

“Gotta Run With Will” on Twitter

“Gotta Run With Will” on YouTube


“The Carmen Mathis Show”

Friday, October 26, 8:00 pm



The Carmen Mathis Show: Three more bands: Harlem Soul, Dr. John Satchmo Mannan & Harlem Renaissance 2.0 and The Nate Lucas All-Stars perform.


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“The Carmen Mathis Show” on the Web

“The Carmen Mathis Show” on Facebook

“The Carmen Mathis Show” on Twitter


“Something to Offer”

Saturday, October 27, 7:30 pm



Watch an interview with author, composer and speaker, David Friedman. He has written for multi-platinum recordings, Broadway shows, Disney animated films, television scores, and has taught around the nation. He is the creator of the The Thought Exchange method and owner of MIDDER Music Records.


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“Something to Offer” on the Web


“The People’s Forum”

Sunday, October 28, 4:30 pm



An interview with Shawn Rochester, author of The Black Tax. The book examines the various costs associated with being Black in America, and what the Black community and concerned advocates can do to help close the wealth gap.

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“The People’s Forum” on YouTube

“The People’s Forum” on Facebook