This Week on MNN: A Slippery Slope

Last week’s Kavanaugh-Ford hearing had the whole country up in arms and on the edge of their seats, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for the moment of truth. In the meantime, settle your nerves and tune in to MNN for programming that’s light, informative and entertaining.

This week, watch episodes of “Internet Society of New York,” "Gotta Run With Will,” “Making Manhattan,” “Consider It Blacklit” and “Something to Offer.”


“Internet Society of New York”

Wednesday, October 3, 2:00 pm


Watch “The Future of Employment in the Digital Economy” Conference at Columbia University, which examined the the transformative effect of the internet on the nature of work and employment. Is the Internet a net creator of jobs? What are the impacts on income distribution? How are job profiles changed by the digital economy? What models can facilitate adjustment without slowing innovation?


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“Gotta Run With Will”

Thursday, October 4, 9:30 pm


Wayne Pacconi, Race Director of the Baker's Revenge Trail Race,  is a man in a hurry. He craves new adventures and challenges. Growing up in a tough NJ neighborhood prepared Wayne well to think on his own two feet. There's plenty of road for Wayne to conquer. Tune in to hear his story.


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“Making Manhattan”

Friday, October 5, 9:30 pm



On this episode of “Making Manhattan,” Melvin Taylor ii takes you to Central Harlem to his radio show #TheAltWithMel to meet Michell Clark! Michell is a Washington, D.C.-based social media influencer, social media coach, content creator, cultural curator, and soon to be bestselling author.


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Consider It Blacklit

Saturday, October 6, 9:00 am



This week on "Consider It Blacklit," host Kim Singleton interviews the writer and cast members of the off-broadway musical "Sistas." After the passing of the family's matriarch, five women explore their history through songs that span the generations. This show has been running for over seven years.


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“Something to Offer”

Saturday, October 6, 7:30 pm



Host Anne Marie chats with fellow MNN Producer David Martinez about his show, “The Spotlight.”


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