This Week on MNN: Rising from the Wreckage

As we look back and remember the lives lost on September 11, 2001, we also remember the courage and resiliency New Yorkers have shown every day since.

This week on MNN, we’re focusing on learning from the past and persevering through the obstacles we face. Don’t miss “Race to Represent,” “The Facts,” “ArtTour International,” “Gotta Run With Will,” and “The Carmen Mathis Show.”


“Race to Represent”

Tuesday, September 12, 9:00 am - 9:00 pm



Primary day is upon us and it’s important that all eligible voters make their voices heard. If you’re still looking to learn more about the candidates before heading to the polls, watch MNN’s full day of election programming tomorrow starting with the democratic mayoral candidate statements at 9:00 am. To see all of the debates, candidate statements and exclusive interviews, click here.



“The Facts: Racism, part 2”

Tuesday, September 12, 11:30 pm



Each episode of “The Facts” is either a music-story (using composed and improvised music and story), or a rehearsal for a music-story, or a discussion between scholars and experts. This week, historian Carol Lang talks with Lenore Von Stein about how and why the idea of race evolved in the USA.


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“ArtTour International”

Thursday, September 14, 5:30 pm



This week, “ArtTour International” brings you an exclusive interview with Edilson E. Barbosa, president of the National Association of Fine Arts in Brazil. Also, enjoy two Art 2 Heart interviews with artists Sharon Ross from the UK and Jani Jan J from Austria.


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“Gotta Run With Will”

Thursday, September 14, 9:30 pm



A family that runs together, stays together! This week, Will talks to Queens Distance runner Edwin Guzman and his family about the ways running has improved their health and strengthened their family’s bond.


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“The Carmen Mathis Show”

Friday September 15, 8:00 pm



This week on “The Carmen Mathis Show,” watch a performance by singer songwriter Ria Alexander and see a preview of upcoming shows.


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