This Week on MNN: Improve Your Video Producer Skills

This week, dive into a new class at MNN and expand your video production skill set. Become a better production planner, learn how to edit in iMovie, or sign up for an orientation and start your certification process.

To see work from a few of our most accomplished producers, tune in for The Woman's Connection, Gotta Run with Will, and GingerNewYork.


The Woman's Connection

Monday, April 1, 2019

Air Time: 11:00 PM

Dr. Felicia Stoler shares information about ascorbic acid, your gut, and tequila's impact on your health.

Watch on MNN 4 (Spectrum 1998), or stream live on the Livestream. Produced by Barrie-Louise Switzen. You can follow the show Twitter.


Gotta Run with Will

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Air Time: 9:30 PM

Juan Becerra, an Ironman Triathlete, leads a fun discussion on two key running events from the seventh season of "Game of Thrones" - Gendry's Ultra and Rickon's Sprint. The guests, Ruth Montilla, Peter Charles, and Elizabeth Ann Corkum share their take on the hit series.

Watch on MNNHD (Spectrum 1993), or stream live on the Livestream. Produced by Will Sanchez. You can follow the show on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.



Friday, April 5, 2019

Air Time: 2:00 PM

Entertainer Carlton J. Smith visits host Ginger Broderick to discuss his world travels and the making of his new album 1634 Lexington AvenueRead more here.

Watch on MNN 1 (Spectrum 1993), or stream live on the Livestream. Produced by Ginger Broderick. You can follow the show on Facebook and Twitter.


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