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As we wait for the Senate to vote on their healthcare bill, tune in to MNN for programming that aims to help you take charge of your life right here, right now.
This week, we're celebrating Independence Day by doing what we always do: exercising our right to free speech with a full week of MNN programming.
The end of June brings with it many farewells and new beginnings, as another school year wraps up and vacations and new adventures begin. This week, we’ve got steadfast MNN television that’s your programming bedrock all year long.
Watch this week’s episodes of “The Facts,” “You People,” “Mel Berkowitz Presents,” “Gotta Run with Will,” ”Art Tour International,” “The Carmen Mathis Show,” “Pathways to the Dream Lodge Café,” “What’s Ailing/Healing US America,” and weeknight programming from the Youth Channel.
With school graduations in full swing, we’re thinking about endings, beginnings, and what happens in between, with reflections on growth and change on “Access for All,” “The Facts,” “Gotta Run with Will,” “Something to Offer,” plus weekday programming from the Youth Channel.
It’s Pride Month, and we’ve got programming that’s all about truth, authenticity, and an unwavering sense of self with episodes of “The Facts,” “Gotta Run with Will,” “GingerNewYork,” “The Carmen Mathis Show, ” plus weeknight programming from the Youth Channel.
On MNN this week, we bring you television to inspire, challenge, and enlighten, with programming from “Access for All: The Human Scale City,” “The Facts,” “Gotta Run with Will,” “GingerNewYork,” “Community Board 8,” and the Youth Channel.
College commencement season brings new beginnings and exciting journeys, as does MNN’s programming this week, with episodes of “The Facts,” “Vegetable Energetics,” and “Gotta Run with Will.”
We’re taking advice from Atticus Finch this week, and bringing you varied viewpoints and perspectives with programming from “The Facts,” “The Woman’s Connection,” “GingerNewYork,” plus weeknight programming from The Youth Channel.
Americans from all walks of life are finding their voice and their passions, and taking a stand for what they believe in. Whether your passion is the arts of politics, athletics or academics, MNN has programming for everyone this week.