Sunday Night on MNN: Demanding Justice

With trans student Gavin Grimm’s case dropped by the Supreme Court and continued controversy over the Trump administration’s revised travel ban, many Americans are crying out for justice. This Sunday on MNN, tune in to programs featuring New Yorkers who are fighting for those who have been marginalized and working hard to ensure they receive the rights they deserve.

First on “Represent NYC,” learn about bail reform and why it’s crucial that we continue to push for it. Then, watch as Assemblymember Robert Rodriguez gives an update about the New York State budget and the issues he’s working on in East Harlem. Next, tune in to “Both Sides of the Bars” for a discussion about the American people’s responsibility to take the lead in fixing the criminal justice system. Finally, tune into a special program about how HIV is affecting America's population of black women.

7:00 pm - On the Next Represent NYC: Remembering Kalief Browder as the Fight for Bail Reform Continues

Right now over 500,000 people sit in jails across the country because of their inability to pay bail. In the case of 22 year old Kalief Browder, this is exactly what lead to his untimely death.

This Sunday on “Represent NYC,” Manhattan Community Board 10 Chair Brian Benjamin talks with Metropolitan Black Bar Association President Jason Clark, 100 Suits for 100 Men Founder Kevin Livingston and Principal Lawyer David Jeffries about the unjust methods of determining bail and why the system is in desperate need of reform.

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7:30 pm - Assembly Update with Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez

Earlier this year Governor Cuomo announced the 2018 Executive Budget, which will provide funding for education, affordable housing, the environment and more.

This Sunday, Assemblymember Robert Rodriguez will share updates about the latest New York State budget and his hopes for the execution of this budget plan. He’ll also discuss some of the most pressing issues that he’s working on in his district of East Harlem and how this new budget can help.

Tune in at 7:30 pm on MNN1 (TWC 34 & 1995, RCN 82, FiOS 33) or streaming live online at

9:00 pm - Both Sides of the Bars: “A Delayed Dream: The Landscape of Civil Rights in America”

America’s criminal justice system has been corrupt for decades and many are worried that the Trump administration will only cause more damage.

This Sunday on The Fortune Society’s “Both Sides of the Bars,” host Ronald Day talks with Dr. Gary Mendez, executive director and founder of the National Trust for the Development of African American Men, and Ronald “Powerful” Robinson, the executive director of Brownsville Think Tank Matters, Inc., about the importance of human rights and bringing people together to make changes within the criminal justice system.

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10:00 pm - Black Women and HIV

According to the Center for Disease Control, 61% of women diagnosed with HIV in 2015 were African American. Why is this group so vulnerable to contracting the disease?

In this special program, “Black Women and HIV” by ACRIA's Love Heals Program, Deborah A. Levine, LCSW, Senior Director of the Love Heals Youth Education Program, talks with Health Educator Kim Canady of the Love Heal’s Speakers Bureau, Community Liaison Denise Drayton and Harlem United’s Director of Pediatric and Family Care Services, Dr. Alish Liggett, about the high number of black women with HIV, the stigma surrounding it and how we can prevent more black women from contracting HIV.

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