Sunday on MNN: Rising to the Challenge

As the federal government continues to push boundaries, New York State government is stepping up to make sure New Yorkers are protected. This Sunday on MNN, watch programming that features people on a local level doing their best to address massive, widespread problems.

First at 7pm, watch the first episode of this year’s Race to Represent series featuring a debate between two of the candidates vying for the state senate position in district 30. Then at 8pm, catch a rerun of “The Radical Imagination” to hear from the co-coordinator of the Left Forum about this year’s conference. Finally, tune in to NBLCA’s Health Action TV at 9:30pm for a discussion about the impact of HIV on American youth and how to address this epidemic.

Read below for more details about each program.

7pm - Race to Represent: District 30 Debate

Next week, voters in NY State Senate District 30 will be casting their vote for a senator to replace Bill Perkins and we recently had two of the candidates here for a debate.

Watch as Brian Benjamin (Democrat) and Ruben Vargas (Reform) face off in lively debate about the issues facing their districts such as affordable housing, voter reform, constitutional conventions and more.

Tune in Sunday at 7pm on MNN 1 (FiOS 33, RCN 82, Spectrum 34 & 1995), MNN HD (Spectrum 1993) or streaming live online at

8pm - The Radical Imagination: Imagining Left Forum 2017 - Can the Left Get Together?

Every year since the 1960’s the Left comes together to share ideas and problem solve at what’s known as the Left Forum. This year’s forum is coming up in just a few weeks

With the forum coming up in just a couple of weeks, tune in to this rerun of “The Radical Imagination,” where Jim Vrettos talks with Co-Coordinator of the Left Forum, Marcus Graetsch, about how to bring the Left together during these divisive times and what the goals of this year’s Left Forum are.

Firehouse TV’s “The Radical Imagination” airs every Sunday at 8:00 pm on MNN1 (Spectrum 34 & 1995, RCN 82, FiOS 33) and MNN’s HD Community Channel (Spectrum 1993) or streaming live on Catch the repeat every Thursday at 8:00 pm on MNN4 (FiOS 36, RCN 85, Spectrum 67 & 1998) and MNN’s HD Community Channel (Spectrum 1993) or streaming live on

9:30pm - NBLCA’S Health Action TV: Youth, HIV, and other STIs

According to the Centers for Disease Control, young people make up nearly a quarter of new cases of HIV diagnoses in the U.S. per year.

This Sunday on National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (NBLCA)’s Health Action TV, Vice President of Programs Eishelle Tillery talks with Dr. Carol McLean-Long about the shifting demographics of the HIV epidemic, the increase of STIs among young people and how to solve the problem.

Tune in on Sunday at 9pm on MNN1 (Spectrum 34 & 1995, RCN 82, FiOS 33) and MNN’s HD Community Channel (Spectrum 1993) or streaming live on