On the Next The Radical Imagination: Imagining Radical Love with David Kyuman Kim

Why are the values of love, generosity and kindness rarely discussed in political agendas for creating a better world?

This Sunday on The Radical Imagination, host Jim Vrettos of John Jay College sits down with David Kyuman Kim, author and professor of religious studies at Connecticut College, to discuss this question and to talk about the role of radical love in our society.

Dr. Kim’s expertise on the subject comes from spending years studying and writing about the topic. In his most recent book, “The Public Life of Love,” he examines the status of love in politics, public life and religion. In addition, Dr. Kim taught a course on radical love during the fall 2015 semester at Union Theological Seminary with his colleague and mentor, Dr. Cornel West.

Tune in for an enlightening discussion about the concept of radical love as Dr. Kim raises questions about what is needed to create a more loving, compassionate and just world.

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