On the Next The Radical Imagination: Imagining the Artist/Activist as the Vanguard

In a world where so many struggle to be heard, artists have the unique opportunity to use their platform to inspire action among the masses.

This Sunday on "The Radical Imagination;" host Jim Vrettos, a sociology professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice sits down with creatives Gina Belafonte and Immortal Technique to explore the role the artist/activist can play as part of a vanguard to help bring about radical progressive change.

Gina Belafonte is a producer for HBO’s “Sing Your Song” and PBS’ “The March,” as well as the the Co-Director of Sankofa, an organization of artists who use their talents to shed light on societal issues affecting the underserved and oppressed.

Immortal Technique is a political rapper, founder of Viper Records and urban activist who uses his voice to raise awareness of controversial issues in global politics such as class struggle, poverty and racism.

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