New MNN Cooking Show Featured in the New York Times

The front section of today’s New York Times features an exciting new show that MNN picked up in December: “Soraya Sobreidad’s ‘FIERCE’ Cooking Show,” a program dedicated to Puerto Rican recipes, health and—you may not have seen this one coming—sex appeal.

The article describes show’s star, Soraya Sobriedad, as “a trim, sassy drag queen” who records episodes in the cramped kitchen of her home in Jackson Heights, Queens. The self-appointed “Queen of Healthy Cooking” instructs on waistline-friendly recipes like “Soraya's Gluten-Free Papi Delicious Pumpkin Pie!” and, as the Times details, empanadas made with turkey, gluten-free flour, flaxseeds, and applesauce in place of the oil and eggs. The piece also sets the scene; the apartment that serves as the show’s studio is decked out in cheetah prints.

Trust us: You won’t want to miss this article—or a single episode of Soraya!

Check Soraya Sobriedad out on YouTube and watch “Soraya Sobreidad’s ‘FIERCE’ Cooking Show” on the third Sunday of each month at 3pm on MNN4 and

**Image courtesy of Victor J. Blue for The New York Times