MNN's 2007 Grantees

[MNN's Community Media Grant Program now in its 14th year, just announced its grantees for 2007. Community Media will allocate $170,000 to support community-based groups throughout Manhattan in learning how to produce or expand their skills for television programming production.

The Program’s mission is two-fold: It enables groups to increase their media capacity in reaching to a broader constituency, while providing new and fresh programming for the channel.

Twenty groups representing the arts, immigrants and youth, among others, were awarded grants ranging from $3,500 to$14,000 in three categories. The grantees include:

For the Curatorial Category (Groups use existing video and film material to create special programming): Rooftop Films, Third World Newsreel, African Diaspora Film Festival, The Urban Visionaries Film Festival and Asian Cinevision

For the Tactical Media Toolkit Category (Groups receive a media package that includes a camera and a computer): NEDAP, Mexicanos Unidos, Time’s Up, The Sikh Coalition, FIERCE, and the Brecht Forum.

For Training & Production (In addition to equipment, groups also receive production trainingl): Picture the Homeless, The Children’s Art Carnival, Project Reach, Coalition of the Institutionalized and Disabled, Esperanza del Barrio and the Lower East Side Girls Club.

"The grant program is just another way MNN is empowering community through ensuring access to digital media technologies. We are honored to be able to have groups that cover such a wide array of issues and constituencies. When we see their stories on our four channels, we know we have succeeded," stated Dan Couglin, MNN’s executive director.

For a detailed description of these projects, please visit our Grantees page.