MNN El Barrio Firehouse Youth Producer Selected for Prestigious Fellowship Program

Very exciting news!

A youth producer at the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center has been selected by the International Youth Leadership Institute (IYLI) to receive a full scholarship to participate in the organization's 2014 Summer Fellowship Program in Senegal. The producer, Gilbert Roman, will assist in the production of several short videos documenting the experience of the students involved in the in the five-week fellowship in addition to maintaining a rigorous study and travel schedule.

“We're so excited to partner with IYLI!" says Iris Morales, Director of El Barrio Firehouse. “After we interviewed several students, we selected Gilbert to represent the MNN Youth Media Center. He is very conscientious, has excelled in both field and television studio production courses, and has already produced short programs for Firehouse TV."

A nonprofit founded in 1989, IYLI offers African American and Latino secondary-school students the opportunity to prepare for leadership roles on community and global levels. The partnership between El Barrio Firehouse and IYLI developed out of a conversation between Morales and IYLI Executive Director Michael Webb, who were looking to collaborate and advance the education of young people through travel and media. Morales was the 2012 recipient of IYLI's Global Citizenship Award.

The 2014 summer fellowship in Senegal includes a total of 11 students from the U.S. and Senegal. The videos that Roman will help create are slated to air on MNN's Firehouse TV.

"We are grateful to and thank Dr. Michael Webb and IYLI for creating this incredible opportunity," Morales says.