Issue #4-Summer 2005

An inside look with interim E.D. Robert Devine:

Get a first hand look at the MNN interim E.D. Robert Devine and his hopes for the Future of MNN and Public Access.

Demanding more Democratic Media:

Read about the regional media conference and the determination of independent media makers to bring democracy to the media world.
Videotape is Dead! What is happening to video? What is HD? Is analog dead? Learn about the evolution of video in this informative article.

The essentials of editing:

Get some tips on editing fundamentals and how to improve your show quality.

Producers Profiles:

We take a look into the lives and history of producers who have made an impact through their shows. Profiles include Alamelu Narayanaswamy (Curry n’ Spice) and Harvey Wiesenberg (Invasion Earth).
Crossword Puzzle, Cartoons and more