This Fall on MNN: Over 30 New Shows Make Their Debut

Now that Labor Day is over, everyone is ready for sweater weather and fall festivities. It isn’t quite the first official day of fall yet, but we’re ringing in the season early with a huge line-up of brand new shows. From Spanish language, religion and philosophy to entertainment, pop culture and social issues; we’ve got a little something for everyone.

Take a look at the new shows coming to MNN starting this Sunday, September 17:




Sugar Lip Show - Monthly on Thursdays at 1am

A variety show featuring Jon Gwen as host/entertainer and local activist. It’s a blend of music, light comedy, call ins from friends and call outs to our public servants from social workers to the president.  We are an informal workers cooperative based on democratic principles and without a structure of hierarchies.


Tu Comunidad - Every Thursday at 9pm

A talk show in which Dominican lawyer Seny Taveras interviews different personalities of the Latino community in New York City, talking about community issues, immigration, housing, health and any subject that will interest the Latino community in NYC.


FRIDAY’S with Raheem Hamilton - Every Friday at 11pm

A late night talk show/comedy show with co-host Ronnie B, who will deliver monologues and jokes about things happening in the media. The host of the show will interview each guest to promote their projects such as movies and music. The show will also feature musical and stand-up comedy performances.



Keeping it Real with Carlisio - Monthly on Mondays at 11pm

Carlisio is a keyboardist and musician who will share his journey and love for music with the viewers and also showcase other talented artists that he has met along the way.


The Rap Warriors Show - Monthly on Mondays at 11pm

A fitness trainer to the stars will be the MC for an original rap show allowing up and coming rappers to the stage. He and co-host Remi will interview them and give them the space to perform. There will also be dancers and a DJ for the performances.

Martial Art Universe - Monthly on Tuesdays at 5pm

A monthly martial arts show that showcasing martial art events, styles and instructors

around the world.


Brodian’s Basement - Monthly on Wednesdays at 3pm

Variety show featuring independent short films, music videos, walkarounds + interviews.


The Noshing with Nina Show - Monthly on Wednesdays at 3pm

A unique cablecast for artists to present their work and discuss their upcoming projects.


The Exchange - Every Thursday at 10am

A weekly scripted series containing multiple story lines that follow the lives of trading floor staff.


In Her Shoes - Monthly on Saturdays at 12:30pm

The show chronicles the journeys of black female entrepreneurs. The show will consist of a field producer package about each entrepreneur and their business as well as an in studio conversation with “In Her Shoes” blog editor, Renae Bluitt.


Super Fire Woman And Her Sparks - Monthly on Sundays at 8:30pm

It’s never too late to share your gifts, dreams and the timeless, ageless, limitless beauty of your heart.




CHEEKAS 7 CHATS/LET’S TALK EMPIRE - Every Tuesday at 1:30pm

A religious talk show.


New Life Outreach International Bronx - Every Tuesday at 4pm

Is a non-denominational Christian church. A recording of Sunday services at New Life Outreach International, a non-denominational Christian church in the Bronx. Join Pastor Fernando Cabrera as he brings you God’s word weekly.


Between The Lines - Every Tuesday at 7:30pm

A show that explores another perspective of living and finds hidden angles of reality. Each episode has different topic and the goal of the program is to unite people and show another point of view based on the spiritual understanding of living. The program brings the audience’s attention to mysterious events in life and looks for an answer to important questions of humanity.


Kickin’ It With Simone - Every Tuesday at 11pm

A New York City based lifestyle, pop culture, and variety TV show hosted by Simone Dixon.

Simone will always keep you up to date on what’s poppin’ and you can count on her to interview the hottest people in the industry. Episodes feature a studio audience or Simone covering an event in NYC. “Kickin’ It” is definitely a show you don’t want to miss.


The Vision - Every Monday at 7am

A program that highlights local churches and pastors that preach the word of God.


Know Thyself - Monthly on Wednesdays at 7pm

A spiritual show that shares knowledge of Aptometry and Animism (meaning multiple and sub-personalities), past life therapy, regression of memory, psychic capture, spiritual laws, and other items related to the subject.


Tras Las Huellas De Jesus Productions - Twice a month on Sundays at 3:30pm

A socio-religious program that tries to enter into the daily life of the Catholic Church and the

social development of the community.


Let’s Make a Mixtape - Every Sunday at 11:30pm

Talk show with comedians and comedy improvisers who talk current events and improvise funny hip-hop songs inspired by the conversation.



Zipporah Mesesi Swahili Show - Monthly on Wednesdays at 9am

A music show in 3 languages: Swahili, English and Kisii. The artist will sing music that reflects her own daily experiences in a spiritual way.


Let’s Act Out! - Every Wednesday at 5:30pm

An interactive TV show in which inner-city kids learn ELA concepts while putting on a play.


Camino Mas Que Un Loco - Monthly on Tuesdays at 2:30pm

Programa donde muestra todas las actividades que pasan en la ciudad de New York y donde quiera que este nuestra cámara.


Tier Talk - Every Thursday at 10:30am

Constitutional right to safety at the workplace. Is management responsible for their employees’ well-being? Tier Talk, hosted by CorrectionsOne columnist Anthony Gangi, features interviews with industry experts, conversations about hot topics and pressing issues, and offers lessons to new and old staff about the evolving and ever-changing field of corrections.


UNderdogStuff® with Gregory Nesmith - Monthly on Sundays at 11pm

A special delivery of coverage, opinions, and coaching of UNderdogStuff® in politics, culture, and personal life: the UNavoidable, the UNjust, the UNbelievable, the UNstoppable, the Uninhibited, and more of the ‘Un’s’ in society and culture. Plus it’s a place for sharing about the grind, the hustle, and the UNexpected fun of going from UNderdog to on top!



Niederman Describes - Every Tuesday at 12am

Dan McCoy tests and discusses the movies, knowledge and enthusiasm of Mike Niederman and digresses into themes within the films. Jack Karp doesn’t know why he is there.


Eclectrix Show Case - Monthly on Tuesdays at 10pm

A music showcase


The Spotlight - Every Wednesday at 4pm

A variety entertainment talk show covering and shedding light on hot topics, interviewing special guests and hosting musical performances. This is a youth oriented show that is fun, humorous and energetic.


The Indie Beat - Every Saturday at 10am

Features original material by independent recording artists. Hear and see some of the brightest and most promising emerging independent recording artists here first on MNN. Hear their original music, see their videos, and get to know them in up close and personal one-on-one interviews.


The Ghouligans! - Every Saturday at 11am

Follows the adventures of Boris Stein: the monstrous Frankenstein Construct, Wolfgang W. Wolfgang: the Likable Lycanthrope, and Void King of the Slow Zombies! Joined by a cadre of your favorite cult cretins including vampires, sea creatures, luchadores and sexy go-go girls.


Master Plan - Every Saturday at 5:30pm

An American talk show hosted and produced by Monica Sekhmet Grant. Grant engages in one-on-one interviews with experienced business owners and entrepreneurs to share their journey, success and practical advice with new entrepreneurs.


Sean in HDTV Man with a Camera - Every Saturday at 6pm

A variety of on street interviews about current topics, mainstream entertainment and celebrities.