Announcing Community Media Advanced

On July 10th and 11th four station staff and four developers came together in St. Paul, MN to draw up the road map for the next 12 months of a long standing collaborative project, newly relaunched as Community Media Advanced (CMA).
Staff from Manhattan Neighborhood Network, OpenSignal PDX, PhillyCAM, and our hosts Saint Paul Neighborhood Network assembled along with developers from two contractors; First Turn Media and Openflows, to discuss the parameters of our ongoing work. 
Built with Drupal and CiviCRM, CMA is the most all encompassing web based workflow available for Community Media Centers and is now deployed for daily use at 10+ centers across the US. 
CMA allows appropriately certified producers to make reservations, register for classes, request, sign up for crews, and monitor their own show's TV schedule. Staff have admin oversight and fuller access to all these options, plus TV scheduling, and reporting functions.
MNN has been using CMA and its predecessors for over 9 years, and our in-house Access Center site is the most fully featured deployment. In order to further the initiative, we have recently made our updates to Reservations and Crew Connect available for all other centers to use.
Each center faces its own challenges in tailoring the software to their existing workflows, staff needs, and TV playback server, so in order to focus on future collaborative development, we looked to find paths to accommodate all our needs.
Together we created a blueprint for a new user interface for Reservations, that would make it more intuitive, faster, and allow a single user to make reservations for multiple dates and items on a single page, all while ensuring availability and producer credentials. Work has already started on this, and we hope to test it by the end of 2017.
For more information about Community Media Advanced please visit