Coming Up on The Youth Channel: NYC is Home

Back to school season is supposed to be an exciting time, but for youth here under DACA the future is uncertain. Next week on the Youth Channel, tune in to programming that features candid conversations about the many challenges young people face growing up in New York City.

Watch “YC Power Hour” “Basic Field Summer 2017 Compilation,” “Sanctuary Now,” and “NIGHTCAP” for a look at key issues affecting NYC youth and watch “Girls Empowered” for a discussion about women in media.

The Youth Channel airs programming every weeknight from 6-7pm on MNN 4 (FiOS 36, RCN 85, Spectrum 67 & 1998) and MNN HD (Spectrum 1993). To learn about MNN’s Youth Media Center and the work they produce, click here.

Check out the upcoming schedule below:

Monday, September 4

YC Power Hour

The YC Power Hour is a weekly youth driven program that covers news, entertainment, and current trends within NYC and the world while maintaining a light hearted tone.

Tuesday, September 5

Girls Empowered

On this episode of Girls Empowered, Host Naomi, Veanne and Nany discuss pop icon Priyanka Chopra, the portrayal of women in hip-hop and hair. Plus, Daniela Esamilla brings us an exclusive interview with Monica Abrego, a Mexican opera singer who runs a nonprofit organization dedicated to the youth in East Harlem. Finally, youth producer Taty will be demonstrating 3 hairstyles to keep you cool in our segment ‘Let’s Untangle with Taty!’

Wednesday, September 6

Basic Field Summer 2017 Compilation

The Word   

Slang is is more than just street talk that is used by youth and people communities of color. All communities have their own form of slang that builds a sense of camaraderie and has even become an extension of the English language. We spoke to youth and representatives of the Fresh Youth Initiatives program to find out their views on slang.

Overlooked: Homeless Youth in NYC  

Homeless youth are often overlooked in New York City, especially in a time where LGBTQ youth are often left out of their own homes despite their bravery. There are over 61 thousand homeless people including 15 thousand homeless families and about 23 thousand homeless children in New York City. This is our youth and our culture, now is the time to work together to end youth homelessness.


Poverty is not a crime. However, this project will tell the ongoing story of the many New Yorkers that struggle to make it onto the subway at all. The story that is attached to New York City’s problematic, yet vital transit system is one of economics, poverty, race, and policing.

Thursday, September 7

Sanctuary Now

“Sanctuary Now” was produced by students at the High School For Excellence and Innovation. The short film explores the way in which the NYPD's continued practice of broken windows policing impacts New York's claim to be a true sanctuary city for immigrants.

Friday, September 8


As the number of charter schools in New York continues to grow, servicing more and more children, the controversy also continues. This episode of NIGHTCAP presents both sides of the argument. Find out what made guest, Dru Collins, look at charter schools differently. Also, our NIGHTCAP Spotlight is going to give you a little something to snack on. Check out Zeyi performing his hit: “The Breakfast Song.”