Coming Up on the Youth Channel: Growth and Change

Our summer youth program started this week and we’re so excited to see what our participants create over the next 10 weeks. Next week on the Youth Channel tune in for programming all about rolling with the punches and embracing change.

Watch “Perspectives of El Barrio,” “Moving Without Direction” and “NightCap” for stories about overcoming challenges, then watch “The Blunt Truth” and “Summer 2016 SYEP Compilation” to learn about issues that today’s youth feel strongly about.

The Youth Channel airs programming every weeknight from 6-7pm on MNN 4 (FiOS 36, RCN 85, Spectrum 67 & 1998) and MNN HD (Spectrum 1993). To learn about MNN’s Youth Media Center and the work they produce, click here.

Check out the upcoming schedule below:

Monday, July 17

The Blunt Truth

A piece that exposes the opposing viewpoints of the legalization of marijuana featuring interviews with Mr. Chipman of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (CALM), and Ms. Corprew, a youth offender specialist and counselor.

Tuesday, July 18

Summer 2016 SYEP Compilation

As we begin the Summer '17 program here at the Youth Media Center, we thought it’d be a great idea to showcase productions from our previous summers. SYEP 2016 Compilation is a collage of media productions produced by former summer participants.

Wednesday, July 19

Perspectives of El Barrio

El Barrio: the only neighborhood in New York City that’s more famous in Latin America than in its own city. Perspectives of El Barrio explores East Harlem’s cultural diversity and resilience of its people.

Thursday, July 20

Moving Without Direction

Moving Without Direction tells the personal stories of two EVC youth producers, Muzik and Isaiah, and the impact their experiences as gang members has had on their mental health. They turn stereotypical narratives of gang affiliated youth upside down by providing powerful insight into the personal, family, and community struggles that so many gang affiliated youth face.

Friday, July 21

Nightcap, episode 11

As you prepare to make the transition out of high school, you probably are wading through mounds of advice from family, friends, teachers and school counselors. Have you been told, "everyone should go to college" or "pick a college with a good name"? What about the classic, "college prepares you for the real world."

Well, in this episode of NightCap, you might be surprised at what Education Pathway Specialist, Ruby Reyes, has to say about some of this well-intentioned advice. Also, closing out the show is R&B songstress, Noelle Kay, in our NightCap Spotlight.