Coming Up on the Youth Channel: Exploring Ideas, Identity and Injustice

Graduation season has begun and thousands of college graduates are stepping out into the world ready to begin a new chapter. Next week on the Youth Channel, watch programming that features individuals who are discovering who they want to be and what they care about most.

Watch “Gender Benderz,” “Reproductive Justice in the Trump Era,” and “State of Mind” for an exploration into gender inequality, check out “After the Dust has Settled” for a historical look at the U.S. Army, and tune in to NightCap to learn what it’s like to be a music video director.  

The Youth Channel airs programming every weeknight from 6-7pm on MNN 4 (FiOS 36, RCN 85, Spectrum 67 & 1998) and MNN HD (Spectrum 1993). To learn about MNN’s Youth Media Center and the work they produce, click here.

Check out the upcoming schedule below:

Monday, May 22

Gender Benderz

Gender Benderz seeks to open up a dialogue for people who are bending the gender rules, giving them room to explore, question, and affirm their identity. This week, hear from Lawrence Tantay, a LGBTQI Health Equity Specialist at the Center for Health Equity and Maxx, a Staten Island NYC Teen Connection Youth Leader for the NYC Health Department.

Tuesday, May 23

State of Mind: Misogyny on Campus

Academic institutions have always been promoted as bastions of acceptance, equality and of course, education. However, college life has also shown us that there is still much work to be done when it comes to equality (and safety) among the sexes. Join Host and Producer, Krishna C. Nadella, as he speaks with Paul Apicella, Title IX Coordinator at Penn State University, about misogyny on campus.

Wednesday, May 24

Reproductive Justice In The Trump Era

With the president's threat to defund Planned Parenthood, his reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy and the appointment of Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch, this Youth Channel special addresses the future of reproductive rights in America. Social justice attorney Elizabeth Hira, board member for New York Abortion Access Fund, weighs in on it all.

Thursday, May 25

After the Dust has Settled

This All-American High School Film Festival documentary shares the story of a 14-year-old who travels in the footsteps of the U.S. Army 75 years after the fact. It is a first-person account of the greatest landings in human history and a story with major ramifications for the world today.

Friday, May 26

NightCap: Career Day Series, Show 1

First up in Nightcap’s new six-part career day series is music video director and filmmaker Jordan Riggs. Jordan Riggs began his career with the directing group High5Collective (H5C), who was the first to storm the internet with unofficial videos that looked official.

H5C's success in the unofficial realm landed them deals to make official videos for artists like Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino so tune in because not only will you get a chance to see some of these videos, but Jordan will also share the stories behind them. Plus, you won’t believe how much it cost to make one of them.