Clip of the Week: The Carmen Mathis Show

It’s Clip of the Week time again, and since we’re all in entertainment mode (yay, summer!), we chose The Carmen Mathis Show, a biweekly series that presents performances by singers, dancers and actors, followed by interviews with the talent. Watch a reel of some recent episodes to get a sense for the vibrant personalities Mathis books for the show!

In this clip, actor-photographer-journalist Lia Chang and actor-playwright Lorey Hayes read from Hayes’s “Power Play,” an award-winning play about the women behind a man set to become the first African American governor of California—until a scandal hits the campaign and threatens to destroy them all. Watch the clip, which features a heated exchange between an Asian American and an African American woman about race relations, politics and love.

Catch The Carmen Mathis Show every other Thursday at 9:30pm on MNN2 and And keep in touch with Carmen on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and at