Clip of the Week: Access for All

Welcome back to Clip of the Week! In this video from MNN’s “Access for All,” an interview program dedicated to public issues and advocacy, New York University professor of media studies and author of Boxed In: The Culture of TV Mark Crispin Miller explains why the mainstream news and entertainment media system needs a regulatory overhaul: “We’re basically floundering in an endless daily tidal wave of crap,” Miller says of the hours of TV Americans consume every day. “You cannot have a functioning democracy in which people are uninformed.”

Part of a nine-segment series, this clip has racked up an impressive 53,000 views in the mere week since it was posted to YouTube.

So, how does Miller propose the media should be reformed? Watch the video to find out!

“Access for All” airs every other Tuesday at 9:30pm on MNN1 and Follow producer/host Heather Wokusch on YouTube and friend her on Facebook, and check out producer Gloria Messer's Vimeo feed.