Exciting Programming News From MNN!

As the country's largest community media center, MNN proudly cablecasts over 10,000 hours of locally created programming every year. This fall, we're unrolling three new initiatives that showcase local communities, share independent political news and views, and make MNN programs available to a wider audience!

The NYXT big thing in New York City

MNN is pleased to announce the launch of NYXT.nyc (pronounced next dot N.Y.C.), a new cable channel and digital media platform that shines a spotlight on the organizations that are connecting people and building communities in Manhattan. In partnership with over 60 Manhattan community content partners and produced in the heart of the most important city in the world, NYXT.nyc is available on Time Warner Cable 1992 in HD, on Verizon FiOS Channel 38 and streaming live online.

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Take a break from mainstream media

As the country prepares to enter a period of political transition, independent media and diverse voices matter more than ever. We're pleased to partner with the non-profit, national, independent news network Free Speech TV (FSTV) to give Manhattanites access to the news and views you can't get on mainstream media, and to present MNN programs to a national audience. You can watch MNNElects on Verizon FiOS Channel 39 and streaming live!

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MNN teams up with BRIC TV

We've teamed up with BRIC TV to bring "BK Live" to MNN's HD Community Channel. Broadcasting live from Downtown Brooklyn, "BK Live" showcases a diverse line-up of local tastemakers, politicians, business leaders, bloggers, artists and athletes who share their stories and talk about the issues that matter most to them. Watch BK Live Monday through Friday from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm on Time Warner Cable 1993 and streaming live.

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