MNN's certification classes are only open to Manhattan residents or to individuals sponsored by Manhattan-based non-profits.

MNN 59th St. Facility proof of residency information can be submitted in-person at Orientation or by appointment only. 

MNN El Barrio Firehouse proof of residency information can be submitted in-person at Orientation or during our walk-in hours, Tuesday - Friday 2 pm-8 pm, Saturdays by appointment only.

Contact the Media Education department to schedule an appointment.

Satisfactory verification consists of valid government-issued photo identification with a Manhattan address, including:

  • State-issued Driver’s License

  • State-issued Photo ID card

  • IDNYC card

  • City/State-issued Welfare, Medicaid, or Benefit Assistance card w/photo and address

If your photo ID does not show a current Manhattan address, please provide proof of residency from the list below:

  • Cable bill

  • Gas bill

  • Electric bill

  • Telephone bill (Landline)

  • Monthly Bank Statement

  • Cell phone monthly billing statement

  • Credit card monthly billing statement

  • Health insurance monthly billing statement

  • Student loan monthly billing statement

  • Employment/unemployment pay stub

  • Medicare/Social Security Monthly Statement

  • Rent billing statement

  • Current tax return

  • Retirement plan statement

If you are taking media education classes on behalf of a Manhattan-based non-profit organization, you will need to submit the following items for verification:

  • Letter (on letterhead) from the Director or Manager of the non-profit stating your affiliation with the organization and mission-based programming you aim to produce

  • Copy of the 501(c)3 Status Letter

Please note: If you take media education classes and become a certified community producer on behalf of a Manhattan-based non-profit, you can only create, produce and/or edit programming on behalf of that non-profit organization.

Orientation certification is valid for two years from the date of attendance. Failure to enroll in courses will result in retaking the Orientation workshop.