Represent NYC: Assemblymember Inez E. Dickens and Voter Suppression

November 1, 2020

On this edition of #RepresentNYC, Assemblymember Inez E. Dickens tackles the issue of #VoterSuppression with guests Leilani Irvin, Manhattan Borough Director at the Department of Social Services and Civic Engagement Chair at the NAACP Mid-Manhattan Branch, Cynthia Doty, Deputy Chief Clerk at The NYC Board of Elections, and Dr. Howard Dodson Jr., the former Director of The New York Public Library's Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

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"Represent NYC" is a weekly program produced by Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) that gives local elected officials and candidates the chance to update voters about the issues shaping the future of the city, and how they'll deliver on campaign promises. The show features a rotating cast of...

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