MNN's certification classes are only open to Manhattan residents or to individuals sponsored by Manhattan-based non-profits.

At MNN's 59th St. Facility, we accept proof of residency and identification at our Orientation classes or during our walk-in hours, Tuesday–Friday from 12 noon–6pm or by appointment. Contact the 59th St. Media Education department to schedule an appointment.

MNN El Barrio Firehouse proof of residency information can be submitted at an Orientation class or during the Firehouse's normal business hours, Tuesday-Friday, 9am-5pm, or Saturday, 10am-6pm.

Satisfactory verification consists of valid government-issued photo identification with a Manhattan address, including:

  • State-issued Driver’s License

  • State-issued Photo ID card

  • IDNYC card

  • City/State-issued Welfare, Medicaid, or Benefit Assistance card w/photo and address

If your photo ID does not show a current Manhattan address, please provide proof of residency from the list below:

  • Cable bill

  • Gas bill

  • Electric bill

  • Telephone bill (Landline)

  • Monthly Bank Statement

  • Cell phone monthly billing statement

  • Credit card monthly billing statement

  • Health insurance monthly billing statement

  • Student loan monthly billing statement

  • Employment/unemployment pay stub

  • Medicare/Social Security Monthly Statement

  • Rent billing statement

  • Current tax return

  • Retirement plan statement

If you are taking media education classes on behalf of a Manhattan-based non-profit organization, you will need to submit the following items for verification:

  • Letter (on letterhead) from the Director or Manager of the non-profit stating your affiliation with the organization and mission-based programming you aim to produce

  • Copy of the 501(c)3 Status Letter

Please note: If you take media education classes and become a certified community producer on behalf of a Manhattan-based non-profit, you can only create, produce and/or edit programming on behalf of that non-profit organization.