This Week on MNN: Asian Pacific American Month

This Week on MNN we Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. 

Join NY Events for a Q&A with Japanese filmmaker Fumiko Irie about her documentary film A Great Blessing. This emotional film is about artist Masanori Minami, who lost both arms as a boy and found happiness by living his life of “KAFUKU ICHINYO,” which means that your life can be full of happiness or unhappiness depending upon your own mental attitude. 

From Bollywood to Hollywood is a long running show on MNN that invites Asian artists from all over the Pacific to discuss their contributions to arts and culture. On this episode host Rao Rampillla talks with Chinese director Zhang Wei about his award winning film Destiny. This film takes us on a journey with a family living in the Chinese city of Shenzhen fighting for their autistic son's right to have a normal education. You don’t want to miss out on this important conversation. 

Makilala TV is the first Phillipino American talk show in the New York metro area. Their guests include artists, community leaders, innovators and emerging artists in the Phillipino community. This week Makilala hosts talk with Phillipino Consul General Petronila Garcia and Vice Consul Tanya Faye Ramiro, Head of Legalization & Dual Citizen Sections. These extraordinary women gather to discuss their distinguished careers, breaking the glass ceiling, and challenges they face throughout the world. 

Catch this first series of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month programming Sunday, May 2 at 1PM and Wednesday May 5 at 7PM on MNN 5 (Spectrum 1993).