Timeslot Request Form

Use this form to apply for a single timeslot or a daily, weekly, bi-monthly (every other week), or monthly series. Submitting this form also includes agreeing to our Program Agreement Terms.

Program Agreement

Everyone who airs a program on one of MNN's five public access channels must have an updated Program Agreement on file. Please take a minute to update your Program Agreement today!

Forms for Youth Media Center

Parental Authorization Form + Acknowledgment Receipt
284.54 KB | Download
Consent form, about YMC, qualifications list, code of conduct, community rules, attendance & punctuality rules, dress code, contact list.
Youth Media Center Alumni Code of Conduct
326.63 KB | Download
MNN's Youth Media Center mission, code of conduct, community rules, dress code, studio + equipment reservation policies, forms, how to reserve studio and equipment, and liability.