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For SINGLES: The MNN Programming Department will contact you via email with the schedule of your program including channel location, dates and times within one week of your submission. If this is a time sensitive program please contact the Programming Department.

For SERIES: The MNN Programming Department will contact you with the schedule of your program including channel location, dates and times and upload instructions for your SERIES program within two weeks of your submission.
If requesting a series, please indicate the series frequency:
If you have requested a SERIES, please choose a frequency. Minimum episode requirements are per any three month period. You do not have to submit all episodes at once, but you must submit the minimum number to keep your series airing on MNN’s channels.
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I would like MNN’s Programming Department to consider scheduling my program on MNN5 (our HD Community Channel)
MNN’s Community High Definition Channel (MNN5) is aired in HD only on Spectrum channel 1993.  Please note:  You must be able to create and deliver your program in HD to be considered for this channel.  Please consult the MNN website or contact programming to ensure that your program can meet MNN’s HD creation and delivery requirements. 
I give MNN's Program Department permission to schedule my program as “filler.”
MNN often airs community produced programs as “fillers” during timeslots when programming is not available or scheduled.  Fillers begin to air after the initial confirmed schedule of your program. MNN will NOT contact you when your program has been scheduled as a “filler”. 
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