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On July 10th and 11th four station staff and four developers came together in St. Paul, MN to draw up the road map for the next 12 months of a long standing collaborative project, newly relaunched as Community Media Advanced (CMA). Staff from Manhattan Neighborhood Network ,...
We are so excited to announce that MNN producers were among the winners of this year’s Hometown Media Awards presented by the Alliance for Community Media!
This year’s Hometown Media Awards is fast approaching, and we’d love to invite our community producers to submit some of your favorite work!
With the end of the year approaching, please take note of upcoming closures and changes in hours at Manhattan Neighborhood Network.
News about MNN's partnership with Free Speech TV

In June, Mayor Bill deBlasio signed Intro 775-A into law. The law imposes stricter deadlines on the Landmarks Preservation Commission and gives additional power to property owners. Many of the city's largest preservation groups claim it guts the landmark laws created in 1965 and fear it will make attaining landmark status extremely difficult. This Sunday, NYS Assembly member Richard Gottfried...