MNN Diaries: Carmen Lee Shue

July 9, 2013

Welcome back to MNN Diaries, our monthly blog series that lets you get to know the talented producers and hosts behind MNN’s diverse programming.

MNN Diaries: Sharon Jamilkowski

June 7, 2013

If anyone knows how to take advantage of the freedom that comes with producing a show on MNN, it’s Sharon Jamilkowski, creator and star of the hilarious sketch-comedy-meets-puppets-meets-cooking show, “I've Got Munchies.” The program is—by the comedic actress’s description—weird, in the most...

MNN Diaries: Richard Renda

May 8, 2013

The beginning of May brings not only the hope that spring is here for good. It also delivers a new installment of MNN Diaries, our blog series that provides a platform to let the talented people behind MNN’s vibrant and diverse programming write about the journeys that got them here.

MNN Diaries: Denise Goins

April 1, 2013

Happy spring, everyone! New season, new month, and a new installment of our popular new blog series MNN Diaries, a collection of written-form Q&As that allow us to get to know MNN producers and hosts on a more personal level. Together, these posts offer a clear picture of the diversity of MNN’s...

MNN Diaries: Ann Northrop and Andy Humm

March 1, 2013

It’s the first of the month, and that means its time for another entry of “MNN Diaries,” our new blog series that lets us get up close and personal with MNN producers and hosts. We landed on Ann Northrop, writer, journalist and co-host of “Gay USA,” a weekly news and analysis program that’s been...

MNN Diaries: Jason Gomez

February 1, 2013

Today we’re thrilled to introduce our new monthly blog series, “MNN Diaries,” a collection of written-form Q&As with an assortment of talented producers and hosts. The deal: We give each subject the same five questions; they answer them—in writing—however they please. We’re aiming for personal...