Since 2016, larger groups of people have come forward for anti-immigration movements, following the current far-right U.S. leadership. Many have claimed these movements as racist and unconstitutional. Just last week, the President put forth his intentions to challenge the 14th Amendment in hopes to eliminate birthright citizens. For the past two years, we have seen stricter immigration policies from trying to revoke DACA, the possible end of asylum protections, and ICE shutting down immigrant hotlines.

Last month, the President sent out ICE to raid some of the nation’s sanctuary cities, aiming to deport thousands of illegal aliens, no matter what their criminal record was. Activists and locals united during the long two weeks, some even forming human chains, to protect anyone close to being detained. People claim that the raids flopped, others say it was a success. Join the Youth Channel for “Democracy on ICE” to learn more about the effects that ICE raids are having on immigrant families living in the United States.

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