We’re getting our first look at who has been vaccinated in New York City.

The city released data on Tuesday breaking down rates of COVID-19 vaccination by ZIP code, showing how the city's vaccine distribution has resulted in wealthy, white communities getting more vaccination.

The data shows that, in general, more people in wealthy, white communities have gotten the vaccine than those in lower-income and non-white communities. Staten Island and Manhattan below Harlem by-and-large have the highest vaccine rates overall, while rates are low in central Brooklyn, the south Bronx, and central and southeast Queens. The highest-vaccinated neighborhood in the city is City Island in the Bronx, with about 51 percent of residents having received either one or both doses, and several predominantly white neighborhoods in the far reaches of Queens also have high rates of vaccination.

For example, Washington Heights was one of the city’s hot spot areas. Now, according to just-released data from the city, 13% of adults in the 10032 zip code are fully or partially vaccinated. The mayor says it shows disparities across the boroughs that they’re trying to fight.

The disparities persist despite 77 percent of city vaccination sites being located in 33 neighborhoods hit hard by the virus, Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a Tuesday briefing.

The city has administered a total of 1,336,382 doses of a covid vaccine thus far, de Blasio reported on Tuesday, when he pledged to fight the aforementioned disparities that he did little to prevent. "Look, this is about addressing inequality, doing something very tangible about it," de Blasio said Tuesday. "This effort will not stop. We are going to go deeper and deeper into communities to ensure there's equity."

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Get up-to-date COVID-19 vaccine data about how vaccine distribution is progressing in New York City.