This Week on MNN: May Day

May Day was created to commemorate the historic struggles and gains made by workers and the labor movement. Be sure to watch these MNN community produced programs celebrating the working person and the challenges they face.

Today's Verdict host and trial attorney David Lesch, Esq. invites NY State Senator Luis Sepulveda to discuss a bill that will raise the hourly wages of home health care workers whose workforce consist mostly of immigrants and communities of color. Also joining David on this episode is Vilda Vera Mayuga, Commissioner of the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection. Catch this informative discussion only on MNN. 

Truth for a Change is a long-running program on MNN that introduces viewers to a political perspective not usually expressed in mainstream media. On this episode Truth for a Change  airs a Town Hall hosted by Senator Bernie Sanders. In this discussion Senator Sanders is joined by four Starbucks employees who are currently involved in organizing efforts at their stores. Join us for this very interesting and important discussion.  

Both Sides of the Bar hosted by Andre Ward, the Associate Vice President of the David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy, examines the criminal justice system from various perspectives. On this episode Andre and guest Jeffrey Abramowitz discuss the importance of hiring people previously involved in the justice system, not only as a means of opportunity for those formerly incarcerated, but as an advantage for the companies that open the doors to them. Join us This Week on MNN. 

Watch this Sunday, May 1 at 1PM and Wednesday, May 4 at 7PM on MNN 5 (Spectrum 1993).