This Week on MNN:Health and Fitness

Join us This Week on MNN as our community producers introduce you to healthy eating habits, workout routines and ways to improve your indoor air quality.  You don’t want to miss out. 

The Etiquette Show is a program that aims to inform viewers about a wide variety of topics that include LGBTQ+ issues, health, social justice and more. On this episode host Dr. Sam Dubé speaks with acclaimed New York City Naturopathic Physician and chemical engineer Dr. Ivy Branin about indoor air quality. Watch this informative conversation on MNN. 

Gotta Run with Will  brings viewers information about exercise, nutrition, and health. On this episode guest host Nicole Sin Quee, an athlete and NYC teacher, invites Sports Registered Dietician and author Lauren A. Antonucci to discuss her book High - Performance Nutrition for Masters Athletes. Watch only on MNN! 

The Easy Answer Podcast features food enthusiast and plant based Chef Brandy Cochrane, and author and plant-based adjacent Von-Anise McCoy. Each week these intriguing women invite guests for a thought provoking conversation about food and health. On this episode they explore ways to change your eating habits. 

Join us Sunday, January 2 at 1PM and Wednesday, January 5 at 7PM on MNN 5 (Spectrum 1993).