This Week on MNN: Justice for All

Join us as we take a look at the challenges we face in our criminal justice system with conversations that include filmmakers, community leaders and state representatives. 

Both Sides of the Bar hosted by Andre Ward, the Associate Vice President of the David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy, examines the criminal justice system from various perspectives. On this episode Andre talks to Ute Ritz-Deutch, Coordinator of the Amnesty International Chapter at Ithaca, NY about people aging in prisons and what can be done to improve the lives of this population. 

Today's Verdict host David Lesch invites State Senator Luis Sepulveda to discuss the issue of drug addiction inside our prisons and the work being done to address those concerns. Also on this episode Assemblymember Alicia Hyndman discusses the importance of reforming the Youthful Offender status. Join us for this important conversation. 

Phenomenal Women’s Media Group, formerly known as The Dr. Selma B Show, is a program that entertains, stimulates the mind and heals the soul. Earlier this year host Dr. Selma Bartholemew invited an extraordinary panel of guest speakers to discuss criminal justice reform. The panel included former Deputy Commissioner of the Westchester Department of Corrections Louis A. Molina, long time educator Dr. Michele Darby, and the Boston representative of My Brother’s Keeper, Malachi Henandez. Catch this extraordinary panel of guests only on MNN. 

My Harlem Portraits is a program that aims to highlight the incredible working being done by African Americans in their communities and beyond. On this episode host Maria G. Cavenaghi talks with filmmakers Brandon Kramer and activist Louis Reed about their documentary film The First Step. The film follows progressive activist and political commentator Van Jones as he navigates the “Political minefield of criminal justice reform”   

Join us Sunday, December 19 at 1PM and Wednesday, December 22 at 7PM on MNN 5 (Spectrum 1993).