This Week on MNN Celebrates Summertime Fun

This Week on MNN we join our community producers for some throwback Summertime Fun. On this edition we take a stroll through Central Park with long time producer Margarita Pracatan, listen to some summer solstice music with Joel Landy, and get day trip ideas with Allyshia Renay. Grab a cold drink and join MNN this Sunday! 

Margarita Pracatan was a colorful and vibrant longtime MNN Community Producer and is still loved by many here at MNN. Pracatan was born in Cuba in 1931 and passed away last year in NYC at the age of 89. Today her family continues her MNN legacy by providing us with special programming to laugh and sing along with. On this throwback episode Margarita takes her trusty eclectic piano to Central Park to serenade park goers and make new friends. You don’t want to miss this hilarious outing with the wonderful Margarita Pracatan. 

Songs Of Freedom hosted by Joel Landy is a program where “artists and activists share their vision of the world.”  Joel aims to entertain and inspire his viewers through music and art. On this episode Joel performs during Make Music New York Solstice Celebration in Forest Hills Queens. Joel’s back up guitar at this gig is Rene David Alkalay. Join them for some sweet sounds on the streets of New York City. 

RyanReporting host Ryan J. Wolowski loves to travel the city and enjoy the many festivals it has to offer. On this episode Ryan comes across Witches Fest, a street fair packed with workshops, artists and performers from all over the country. Join Ryan as he explores all the crystals, oils and fashion at the fair. 

Get Away for a Day with Allyshia Renay aims to show viewers a different side of New York by exploring hidden gems. In 2020 Allyshia talked with Metro-North Railroad Assistant Director of Promotional Partnerships Donna Watson Haynes, about amazing places to visit in the Hudson Valley and more. Get tips on overnight excursions or quick day trips to places like Wave Hills in the Bronx where the scenic views are spectacular. 

You can watch these programs Sunday, July 18 at 1PM and Wednesday, July 21 at 7PM on MNN 5 (Spectrum 1993).