This Week On MNN: Fitness and Wellness

This week, MNN provides you with healthy ways to live your life. Our producers will introduce you to wellness coaches, obesity experts and workout routines. You don’t want to miss out. 

Empower your Body is a long running MNN program that shows you how to turn the thoughts that limit you into beliefs that empower you. In this episode Alycia Kluegl gives you advice on safe ways to decrease your calorie intake, shows us her daily workout routine, and talks about the benefits of keeping a journal. 

The Miss Francois Show focuses on relationships. Miss Francois discusses mental wellness with Life Coach Cathy Ramos. These health conscious women will take you through Cathy’s wellness journey and help you through dysfunctional relationships. 

Life Talk with Roberta Russell interviews researcher, professor, author and obesity expert Dr. Joseph Proietto, MD, PhD. In this 2 part conversation Roberta and Dr. Proietto discuss weight management and the hormones that may be working against you. 

Catch these informative MNN programs beginning Sunday, January 24 at 1PM and Thursday, January 28 at 2PM on MNN 5 (Spectrum 1993).