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Navigating the world of social media can be a confusing experience. However, using essential social media tools like hashtags will help you implement a successful social media strategy. Twitter created hashtags, but now you can use them on many social media platforms ranging from Instagram and Facebook to LinkedIn and Pinterest. Some of the benefits of using hashtags include making your posts searchable, monitoring trending topics, and encouraging users to interact with your content. Here's our guide to using hashtags:

Research Your Hashtags. Incorporating widely used hashtags into your posts decreases the chance of your content appearing in search results. Using more specific hashtags will increase the possibility of your content being viewed by a larger audience while reducing the likelihood of your social media post being lost in unrelated conversations.

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Don't Make Your Hashtags Too Long. Your hashtags should be short and sweet. If it takes you more than five seconds to decipher a hashtag, it's too long. Hashtags that are too long are often confusing and hard to process, making them more challenging for your audience to share. You want to use memorable hashtags that convey your message and start a conversation.

Use Hashtags Across Social Channels. Do not limit your hashtags to just Twitter or Facebook. Continue to use the same hashtags across all your social platforms, including Instagram, blog posts, webinars, or even events your hosting. 

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