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A record number of New Yorkers are voting by mail. The NYC Board of Elections launched a ballot tracker program to help ensure ballots are collected and counted.  So what happens after you fill out your ballot and put it back in the mail -- or in an official drop-box? New York allows you to track your ballot.

Each ballot gets a specific number: Ballots envelopes have a unique set of numbers for each individual voter. Those numbers are often known as Intelligent Mail Barcodes, which allow the Postal Service to track the ballot.

New Yorkers Track your ballot here

On the next edition of #RepresentNYC, Assemblymember Inez E. Dickens tackles the issue of #VoterSuppression with guests Leilani Irvin with Department of Social Services and Civic Engagement Chair at the NAACP, Cynthia Doty, Deputy Chief Clerk at The NYC Board of Elections, and Dr. Howard Dodson Jr. from The New York Public Library's Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

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It's easy to do, too—all you need to enter into the online ballot tracker is a confirmation code and a last name or simply your voter information (name, birth date, zip code, etc.)

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Source: NYC Board of Elections