Writing Tools - laptop, notepad, pen, phone, coffee

Writing is a beautiful art, it allows you to bring stories, characters, and feelings to life.

When creating a story these tips will help you to succeed.

  • Choose an idea and develop itFocusing on one idea is the key to developing a strong story. All of your energy will be directed to that single story. While it may be hard to choose one idea, pick the one that you are the most passionate about. After you have your topic, start writing and don’t stop.  
  • Make your audience feel empathy toward your story protagonist: Feeling empathy for your main character will make the audience care for him or her. They also will understand his or her decisions and actions. The benefit of having your audience feel empathy toward your protagonist is that your audience will engage with the story. Even if this character makes bad choices or actions the audience will keep caring.
  • Your character wants something so bad, something possible to get but hard to accomplish: Make your character want something badly. The goal or dream your protagonist has will guide your story. This wish has to be difficult to achieve. Place obstacles in the story to make it more interesting. The obstacles could be a weather phenomenon, another person, society, or even himself or herself. The quest to reach this goal will be the motor of your story.
  • Tell your story for maximum emotional impact and audience participation: Creating suspense, mystery, and tension will keep your audience interested and connected with your story. Tell your story using emotional impact and make your audience part of the story by giving story information that not even the characters know and by having a surprise twist.
  • Having a satisfactory ending: A great ending will have a strong effect on the audience. To create closure your protagonist must win something but at the same time should lose something. This impacts your audience and gives your story a nice balance. The ending of your story should feel both unexpected and inevitable. 

Writing begins with putting pen to paper or with a tap of the keyboard. To learn more structure, technique and creating powerful stories, register for our online Digital Storytelling & Writing this Wednesday, June 24th. Register today and visit mnn.org to get involved with Manhattan Neighborhood Network.