Staying Connected

Like most of us, you’re probably taking social distancing very seriously. In times like these, we applaud our community for taking the necessary steps to keep everyone safe and healthy… but of course, it may be putting a wrench in your plans. You may be facing difficult changes in work routines with your production team. Here are some tools to help you stay connected with your team while social distancing.

Get Comfortable with Video Conferencing

The biggest change in your production process is regular team meetings discussing upcoming projects. There are a lot of conferencing tools out there, like Zoom and Skype, that can help you transition your meetings into the virtual landscape.

Another helpful platform is Google Hangouts. You can use this free software to host video calls with up to 25 people using your favorite web browser, or by downloading the app on your smartphone. Since this is a Google product, you must have a Gmail account to utilize the application.


Google Hangouts Icon



  • Record your video meetings;
  • Share your screen with participants;
  • Schedule calls and manage invites using Google Calendar;
  • Easily share documents and videos from Google Drive;
  • Dial-In options are available.


  • Remember to conduct a test to make sure everything works for you!
  • Review the System Requirements to see if this is the right tool to use.
  • Learn how to set up a video call by watching the tutorial on How to Use Google Hangouts.
How to Use Google Hangouts


Stay Connected

You can also utilize other group chat and social media platforms, like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, to connect with your team and talent. 

Consider creating a Private Facebook Group for your team. A Private Facebook Group is a great way to keep folks updated, share information, and to keep everyone connected.


Facebook Group Icon



  • Group chat and video calls via Messenger;
  • Schedule meeting and events;
  • Easily share online content and links in Group Posts.


How to Create a Private Facebook Group


Utilizing a mixture of the connected tools above will help you keep your team productive and engaged in times you can’t be face to face. If these don’t work for you, don’t worry, the right combination of tools are out there. As you explore these online platforms, remember to play around with them to see which makes the most sense for you and your team. 

The beautiful thing about all of these tools is that not only can they keep you connected with your team but your loved ones as well. Take time to step outside of the production meeting and check how folks are doing.