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In celebration of the International Day of Jazz, INSIDE NEW YORK is rebroadcasting our exclusive feature of Ornette Coleman's service, which was held at Riverside Church in New York.
Yoko Ono who was among the many close friends, and colleagues who spoke about the jazz legend said, I knew Ornette for 50 short years . . .  I wish the whole world would have had him another fifty years. (applause break) because the fact that he was what he was, he didn’t have to blow the horn or anything. Just sitting there, just breathing, would have helped the world.” 
Ornette Coleman was one of the true jazz innovators, whose sound was instantly recognizable and unquestionably unique. Coleman's work ranged from dissonance and atonality to liberal use of electronic accompaniment in his ensembles, as well as the engagement of various ethnic influences and elements from around the globe. While experimenting with time and tone, his strong blues roots were always evident, reported Daily Challenge jazz critic, Tracy Austin.
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