Leslie Zafra is a long time viewer of MNN. His favorite shows are Community Cop and Democracy Now. He learned about MNN by seeing the Media Education promotion after one of the shows. Leslie followed the link, got online and registered for orientation. In January of 2019, Leslie attended a 59th Street Orientation session and immediately enrolled in his first certification course, Basic Studio Production.

“I think being at MNN is a fantastic experience. All of these classes and resources available to us for an inexpensive rate, practically FREE!”

Leslie is just beginning his journey as a Certified Producer at MNN but has already begun the process of formulating ideas for his first talk show. Leslie’s first show will be geared toward educating older adults who are either close to retirement or want to begin planning their financial futures so that they can enjoy and be prepared for life after retirement.

So what is next for Leslie? For the immediate future, he is already scheduled to take our Video Editing with Adobe Premiere CC certification course. He is also registered for our How to be a Successful Producer workshop along with several other workshops to help with his journey to creating his first show. Leslie states “I didn’t know that learning was going be this fun!”

To learn more about how you can become involved with MNN, register for an upcoming Orientation at mnn.org/orientation.