Kristian Sookdeo was introduced to MNN in early 2018 when his wife encouraged him to go to an MNN Orientation with her. Kristian completed MNN’s Video Editing with Adobe Premiere CC course and fell in love with editing.

He practiced the skills he learned in class and began applying for freelance editing positions. This resulted in his first editing job with the Fuse network. Fuse uses Adobe Premiere Pro CC as their primary editing software. While freelance editing for Fuse, Kristian successfully edited three videos for the network.

“Pay Attention! It (video editing) is hard to grasp in the beginning. Keep at it! Practice or you will forget it.”

Kristian credits MNN for his freelance editing success. Kristian has made it his mission to keep grinding through the Adobe CC software so that he can be more marketable and diverse in digital media. Recently Kristian took the Intermediate Editing Course at MNN to further enhance his editing skills and get more editing jobs.

One piece of advice that Kristian wants to share to other students and producers is to remember to use available resources like General Labs at MNN and online resources. He also states the importance of staying positive in your endeavors and to always remember that you will not come out being an expert in the very beginning. Kristian states “This takes time and a lot of practice to get to the expert level.”

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