During the 80’s, the United States witnessed one of the most horrific health epidemics: AIDS. The President at the time, Ronald Reagan, and his administration displayed an indifference to the crisis. During a press conference in 1982, a reporter asked for a reaction on the AIDS epidemic and the steep incline of death rates. The response from the Reagan Administration was to dub the crisis the “Gay Plague,” and they followed it with laughter. Around one-third of the infected died, and many of those fatalities remain unidentified.

For years, the nation feared the possible ways one could get infected, and continued to blame the LGBTQ+ community for the crisis. As technology and studies progress, prevention and two “cures” have come to light. Leading us to today, and the pharmaceutical drug PrEP that can reduce the contraction of the infection by at least 74%.

In this episode, Mrs. C. Virginia Fields of NBLCA has a conversation with Justin Toro, LMSW, Program Manager, Adolescent Program, Montefiore Medical Center to discuss Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and the benefits of using the medication.