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We are pleased to announce that MNN will begin a limited and phased reopening of our studio and edit facilities at our 59th Street and El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Centers beginning May 3, 2021.

MNN will be open for business once again beginning Monday, May 3. We’re excited to be offering our services to our media making community once again. Learn all about the MNN facilities and equipment available for reservation and how we’re working to keep you safe while you create your media in our spaces by reading about MNN's reopening procedures here. 

For those producers that are not ready to make the trip to our facilities we offer a host of online media making opportunities that will keep you making media at MNN.  

Virtual MNN

Virtual MNN is an online meeting space for MNN producers seeking information, support, and feedback surrounding your MNN productions. These virtual meetings are hosted by MNN team members from our education, production, and programming departments. Get support with questions you may have regarding your program airing on MNN, uploading your show to MNN from home, and even get one-on-one assistance on your editing, graphics, and other production projects. It’s our way of making our seasoned team available to you if you are uncomfortable joining us onsite.  Virtual MNN is open and available right now! You can join us every weekday anytime between 3 PM and 5 PM. Registration is required. Click HERE to register for Virtual MNN today!

MNN Online Info Session

We are presenting online Info Sessions to share MNN’s mission, facilities, services, and details on how you can become involved at MNN. Once you attend this one-hour online Info Session you can take classes and start producing a television program to air on MNN’s channels. This is your first step to becoming an MNN Producer! Visit to register for an upcoming MNN Info Session.

Free and Low-Cost Professional Webinars

MNN is offering a series of online workshops to help you build the skills you need to strengthen your production knowledge and practice. Our roster includes workshops that will provide producers with information on how to become a successful producer, introducing effective strategies for project development and production planning. All workshops will be mindful of how to create quality programming from the comfort of your own home. Please visit We hope to resume in-person education services this summer. To be notified when new classes are available (online & in-person), click HERE. If you have any questions regarding MNN Online Learning Initiatives, email us at