Live Streaming 2

Live streaming can be a fun, rewarding, and incredibly valuable tool for growing your online content. Use these streaming tips to help create a worry-free set-up experience.

  • Check Your Internet Speed. Improving your internet connection should be the first step you take before doing a live stream. Check your internet upload speed at a site like before broadcasting. Make sure you have enough bandwidth to maintain a stable connection. Connect to a dedicated, hardwired connection to avoid any network issues. Switching from Wi-Fi to a wired LAN can improve the connection speed and, in turn, the quality of your live stream. Also, disable or pause any apps like Dropbox you might be running in the background.
Live Streaming 4
  • Test everything.  Even with a simple setup, there is still a chance your equipment may fail so test everything before you go live. It’s always best to keep backups of your gear whenever possible. Also,  don’t be afraid to call your streaming provider to confirm that the broadcast is coming through properly, including audio.
  • Choose your streaming platform. Now it’s time to choose a platform where you will broadcast your content. Keep in mind that each platform has its particular audience. Therefore, the choice of your platform depends a lot on the type of content you have, as well as your objectives. For instance, gamers mostly prefer streaming on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube Live. Travel bloggers may be more interested in Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

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