remote recording 2

You don't have to have a large budget or expensive equipment to produce a great podcast. If you’re producing a podcast on your own and are working with a small budget, here are some tips to enhance the quality of your audio.

Record in a small, quiet space.

Record audio in the smallest and quietest room possible to reduce outside noise and echoes. Remember to minimize distracting noises. Turn off any machines or devices that make a constant noise including refrigerators, fans, and cell phones. Plus, avoid recording next to a window and make yourself comfortable. Fill your recording area with soft items like pillows and a carpet. These items also help absorb sound.

Wear headphones. 

Use headphones to monitor your audio levels. Before recording voiceovers or your interview, remember to turn them up to listen to what the microphone is hearing and capturing.


remote recording 4

Adopt proper mic placement.

Your microphone should be placed at the same height as your mouth and a few inches from your face. Remember, the closer you are to the mic, the louder your voice will sound.  Also, incorporate a pop filter or windscreen into your set up. This tool will help migrate popping sounds during the recording.

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