As more mass shootings and police brutality cases shake the United States to the core, Democrats blame President Donald Trump for not taking action, and instead implementing hate at his MAGA rallies. The United States President refuses to take any responsibility for the deaths and still feels no gun control is necessary.

Just last weekend, two mass shootings ended in over 30 deaths. And on July 16th, the federal civil rights charges against Officer Daniel Pantaleo were dropped after Attorney General William P. Barr’s orders, just a day shy of Garner’s 5 year death anniversary. This did not go unnoticed by Democratic Presidential candidates at the July 31st debate, when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was asking about his lack of action to have Officer Pantaleo terminated from the NYPD. Similarly, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, was asked why he did not have South Bend Police Sergeant Ryan O’Neill fired after fatally shooting Eric J. Logan. Both Democratic candidates stood by their actions, but could this have an affect on the minority votes they receive from the primary election?

Hear from Indiana Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, in an in-depth discussion about the issues affecting New Yorkers, followed by a Q&A with an audience filled with Harlem leaders, activists, and residents, on “Discussions On the Oval.”

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